Free Time

Finals are done, hallelujah. The past week has been kind of terrible (in a “grad student stress” kind of way, not in a “real life problems” kind of way). Writing 35 pages for assignments + prepping for two final exams makes for a crazy week. It doesn’t help that all the while, I’m knowing I could have prevented half the stress by actually doing some of this ahead of time. But nooooo, procrastination has gotten me this far, and it will get me farther! ; )

Jason + I did manage to get away after my first final for a “free” (as in “we already paid for it through a kickstarter thing so now the resulting reward tickets feel free”) movie at the Carolina Theater. I loooove this theater. We saw “While We’re Young,” which was okay. There were some really funny parts and some thoughtful parts, but overall, I thought it kind of hit you over the head with “look how hipster these 20-somethings are and how chained to technology the 40-somethings are.” It could’ve used a dash of subtlety. IMG_2001Favorite theater.


IMG_1998Favorite guy. (Although this is his condescending smile, because I always stop at the top of this staircase to take another picture of the theater sign, and he’s all “doesn’t it look like all the other pics you’ve taken from that exact spot?” Touché.)


Random street corner in downtown Durham. Spring here is pretty great : )


Welp, I’ve started a new blog. (All zero people reading this say “hooray!”) It kinda feels like my first blog, since my only other one was just to document my study abroad semester (here) . So we’ll see how this goes.

And now I’ll stop procrastinating and start studying for finals… :/