So Apparently This Is a Thing?

People who don’t want kids are labeled as “selfish”? This article talks about it, saying that one thing people who choose to remain childless (especially women) have to deal with is the label of “selfish.”

I don’t really get it. Barring unplanned pregnancies, abuse, infertility, etc. and speaking only about either planning to have children or not, each way is based on what you want. You want to have a baby, or you don’t. And basing decisions on what you want is inherently a self-centered thing to do. So both sides of the having babies/not having babies population are “selfish,” if we’re defining selfishness as “doing what you want to do.”

I hope to have kids one day, but that’s because I want kids more than I want the financial flexibility that would come from not having kids. Some people want the financial flexibility more than having kids (or have other things they want more than kids). Each side is basing the decision on what they want most. Each side is “selfish.”


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