Random Links/Thoughts


  • So apparently a school year full of reading, writing, class, eating, Netflix, & almost 0 minutes of working out doesn’t make for a perfect bathing suit body. I’ve been using this website’s fitness videos and they’re awesommmeee. I can tell I’m getting stronger, and you can filter the videos so you only see ones that work with whatever exercise equipment you already have (in my case: myself + a yoga mat). I especially like this video, since I’ve been itching to try barre workout classes, but they’re crazy expensive (at least around me). (Full disclosure: I can barely finish the video, so don’t think I’m some fitness goddess.)


  • I’ve watched this video maybe 10 times in the span of 48 hours so far. I can’t stop.


  • Tomorrow’s National Donut Day! I’ll be celebrating by waiting in line for a box of “mystery donuts” with some friends & I hope you’re going to have an equally mysterious Donut Day, yourself.