Dumb Pinterest Quotes

I like Pinterest. Maybe once a week, I’ll waste a decent chunk of free time scrolling through pictures of cute animals, hair-do ideas, recipes, and quotes. And ohhhh boy, the quotes. I’ve found some actual good ones that I keep on a board, and maybe I’ll do a post on those sometime, but I think the dumb quotes are way more entertaining, so they’re getting their own post. I’ve found so many of them, this might end up being some kind of series. We’ll see.


Really? No one has ever regretted anything they’ve actually done? Tell that to 7th grade me with orange hair, due to my experiment with Sun-In.



I feel like this is the beginning of an LSAT question. You can’t be both a gentleman and a philosopher at the same time? Or you just choose not to? Why? And does that mean you’re only a pervert at night? How does that coincide with your time as a philosopher? And how are you fated to be a rebel, but not fated to be a pervert/gentleman/philosopher?





False. This one’s just false.



callingThat’s called “wanting to travel/move/go somewhere/take a walk.” Literally every person on the planet experiences this. It is not some “insane hipster calling” you have.



Wow. That’s a tall order for a kiss. And what does “making love to his soul” mean? Actually, never mind. I don’t want to know.


More dumb quotes to come.