Dumb Pinterest Quotes

I like Pinterest. Maybe once a week, I’ll waste a decent chunk of free time scrolling through pictures of cute animals, hair-do ideas, recipes, and quotes. And ohhhh boy, the quotes. I’ve found some actual good ones that I keep on a board, and maybe I’ll do a post on those sometime, but I think the dumb quotes are way more entertaining, so they’re getting their own post. I’ve found so many of them, this might end up being some kind of series. We’ll see.


Really? No one has ever regretted anything they’ve actually done? Tell that to 7th grade me with orange hair, due to my experiment with Sun-In.



I feel like this is the beginning of an LSAT question. You can’t be both a gentleman and a philosopher at the same time? Or you just choose not to? Why? And does that mean you’re only a pervert at night? How does that coincide with your time as a philosopher? And how are you fated to be a rebel, but not fated to be a pervert/gentleman/philosopher?





False. This one’s just false.



callingThat’s called “wanting to travel/move/go somewhere/take a walk.” Literally every person on the planet experiences this. It is not some “insane hipster calling” you have.



Wow. That’s a tall order for a kiss. And what does “making love to his soul” mean? Actually, never mind. I don’t want to know.


More dumb quotes to come.



Random Links/Thoughts


  • So apparently a school year full of reading, writing, class, eating, Netflix, & almost 0 minutes of working out doesn’t make for a perfect bathing suit body. I’ve been using this website’s fitness videos and they’re awesommmeee. I can tell I’m getting stronger, and you can filter the videos so you only see ones that work with whatever exercise equipment you already have (in my case: myself + a yoga mat). I especially like this video, since I’ve been itching to try barre workout classes, but they’re crazy expensive (at least around me). (Full disclosure: I can barely finish the video, so don’t think I’m some fitness goddess.)


  • I’ve watched this video maybe 10 times in the span of 48 hours so far. I can’t stop.


  • Tomorrow’s National Donut Day! I’ll be celebrating by waiting in line for a box of “mystery donuts” with some friends & I hope you’re going to have an equally mysterious Donut Day, yourself.


So Apparently This Is a Thing?

People who don’t want kids are labeled as “selfish”? This article talks about it, saying that one thing people who choose to remain childless (especially women) have to deal with is the label of “selfish.”

I don’t really get it. Barring unplanned pregnancies, abuse, infertility, etc. and speaking only about either planning to have children or not, each way is based on what you want. You want to have a baby, or you don’t. And basing decisions on what you want is inherently a self-centered thing to do. So both sides of the having babies/not having babies population are “selfish,” if we’re defining selfishness as “doing what you want to do.”

I hope to have kids one day, but that’s because I want kids more than I want the financial flexibility that would come from not having kids. Some people want the financial flexibility more than having kids (or have other things they want more than kids). Each side is basing the decision on what they want most. Each side is “selfish.”

An Overly-Detailed Account of My First Hair Coloring Appointment

Yesterday, I got my hair colored for the first time (unless you count the Sun-In Disaster of 2004, which I don’t (pretty sure that stuff is just bleach in a spray bottle?)). As a 24 year old, I figured, heck. I’ve toyed around with this idea just about every summer and haven’t ever done it; let’s get this done & see why so many ladies do it on a regular basis. And considering that my husband & I live on a recent grad + grad school student budget, I don’t actually foresee me doing this on a regular basis, but it was surprisingly fun.

I tried to look up “what to do to prep for your first hair coloring appointment” on Google, but there wasn’t much to find. Maybe most people are laid-back about this kind of thing, but I wanted to have some idea of what to expect and what to do beforehand (e.g., wash my hair? don’t wash my hair?). So, hopefully this is helpful to any other (overly prepared? normally prepared?) people like me out there. ; )

As an introvert and nominee for the Most Awkward Person Ever award (category: interactions with strangers), I typically don’t look forward to salon visits. I either can’t come up with enough to talk about and feel like there’s a semi-awkward silence, or feel like the stylist is zoning out during my explanation of what I do/don’t want (which I think is a justified feeling, considering that I often come away from the hair salon like, “whaaat happened to my hair?” and then switch to a new hair salon for the next time & start the whole shebang over again).

I mean, I don’t have negative haircut experiences 100% of the time. Maybe just 75% of the time. And I like to subscribe to the “common denominator” theory, so I’m probably the problem here & my explanations are needlessly boring or unclear. Ultimately, though, it’s all enough that I don’t really look forward to haircuts, and so I went into this hair coloring appointment with tentative hopes.


IMG_2012 (1)

After doing a little online research (mostly Yelp), I found this salon (Rock Paper Scissors Salon and Gallery in Durham). Two factors had me go here instead of the last salon I went to: 1) price (cheaper hair coloring than the previous salon I went to), and 2) super good online reviews. I’m so glad I found it! It’s really cute, and it also doubles as an art gallery.

Most importantly, though, my stylist was really great. She was friendly and seemed to really listen to what I did and didn’t want (e.g., asked clarifying questions, showed me different options and asked my opinion, etc.). We chatted pretty easily and I noticed a tattoo on her arm that looked like the f-holes in a violin. I play the violin, so I asked her about the tattoo, which started a conversation about music and instruments and bluegrass and music festivals. (First time I’ve ever had a long & natural chat with a stylist! Woooo!) Basically, she seemed like an interesting and friendly person.

IMG_2013 (1)Here I am, awkwardly sneaking a photo while the stylist is in the back mixing up hair color magic.

The coloring process wasn’t bad! It took mayyybe an hour? I’m not sure, but like I said, it was nice talking to the stylist, so it didn’t feel like a long time. I wanted the look where the color doesn’t start right at your scalp (baylayage maybe? not the full ombré look), and there wasn’t any discomfort from coloring stuff sitting on my scalp (although I’m not sure if that’s uncomfortable anyway, since I haven’t had that done).


IMG_2014 (1)Here I am, looking like an alien who just came inside from the rain.

The color sat on my hair for another 15 minutes or so, and then my stylist washed it out of my hair and blew it dry. (If I could blow my hair dry like a stylist, shoot. Good hair days all day erry day.) It ended up being exactly what I wanted: subtle and natural-looking, but noticeable red “highlights.” (Although I’m still not sure if you would call it “highlights,” because it’s not a lighter shade than my natural hair, just a different color.)


Well congrats, you’ve made it to the end of a super long, exciting post on my hair coloring adventure. Hopefully this helps someone (like me) out there who was looking for a “what to expect at your first hair coloring appointment” post.

Here are some basic tips, based on my experience:

1. If your hair is a normal amount of clean (not washed that morning, but also not like, visibly greasy), you don’t need to wash it before you go. I even had some leftover product in it (mousse from the day or two before) and it was fine.

2. Bring pictures (I used my phone to show a Pinterest board I made) to show as you’re explaining what you want.

3. Explain what you don’t want, too. (For me, it was “I don’t want to not notice a difference, but I also don’t want to be like, startled when I look at my hair. I also don’t want it to be orange.”)

4. Do some research and find a salon with lots of good reviews. For me, I looked specifically for good reviews on the stylists, and my stylist ended up being great.

5. Be excited! In the big scheme of things, it’s hair color. It’s not a huge deal, and probably won’t look 100% awful if you’ve found a good salon. And if it does, now you get to go shopping for cute hats. ; )

Free Time

Finals are done, hallelujah. The past week has been kind of terrible (in a “grad student stress” kind of way, not in a “real life problems” kind of way). Writing 35 pages for assignments + prepping for two final exams makes for a crazy week. It doesn’t help that all the while, I’m knowing I could have prevented half the stress by actually doing some of this ahead of time. But nooooo, procrastination has gotten me this far, and it will get me farther! ; )

Jason + I did manage to get away after my first final for a “free” (as in “we already paid for it through a kickstarter thing so now the resulting reward tickets feel free”) movie at the Carolina Theater. I loooove this theater. We saw “While We’re Young,” which was okay. There were some really funny parts and some thoughtful parts, but overall, I thought it kind of hit you over the head with “look how hipster these 20-somethings are and how chained to technology the 40-somethings are.” It could’ve used a dash of subtlety. IMG_2001Favorite theater.


IMG_1998Favorite guy. (Although this is his condescending smile, because I always stop at the top of this staircase to take another picture of the theater sign, and he’s all “doesn’t it look like all the other pics you’ve taken from that exact spot?” Touché.)


Random street corner in downtown Durham. Spring here is pretty great : )


Welp, I’ve started a new blog. (All zero people reading this say “hooray!”) It kinda feels like my first blog, since my only other one was just to document my study abroad semester (here) . So we’ll see how this goes.

And now I’ll stop procrastinating and start studying for finals… :/